Lean into attention with me—

For the past year, I have been glued to Mary Oliver’s words in her poem “Sometimes” that read:

Instructions for living a life: 

Pay Attention. 

Be astonished. 

Tell about it. 

Reading her work and many books on writing has made me stuck on the words “paying attention”. Every author who writes about writing seems to touch on the importance of attention. In order to write, we must stay awake to the world. In order to stay awake, we must pay attention.

This newsletter is an act of paying attention for me. It is also an invitation for you to join in on the attention as well.

Every other Tuesday I will send out a new newsletter. Each newsletter will share encouragement, words that are sticking with me, lists of what I am paying attention to, and prompts/questions for you to reflect and/or create with in your own time.

My hope is that this newsletter provides some space in your day for slowness in the midst of fullness.